When the summer heat arrives, burned skin is not the only consequence. Water pipes tend to burst more when the heat takes a toll on them. Now that leads to the question: can pipes burst in warm weather? Apparently, yes. Water pipes that are not well maintained take a massive beating from the heat and they give in by bursting. With better care, you may not have anything to worry about your water pipes. 

Can Pipes Burst in Warm Weather

It’s important to have plumbing repairs and maintenance done to protect your pipes. In this post, we will tell you if and why water pipes burst under the summer heat. We will also tell you whether you need insurance for your pipes or not. 

Do Water Pipes Burst More in Warm Weather?

Yes, pipes burst more under the summer heat. When the hottest months of summer come, there is an increase demand for water, and the heat too has an overall effect on the condition of the pipes. Under the intensive pressure of these two factors, the pipes will burst. You can talk with your local plumber about steps you can take to protect plumbing during the summer.

What Causes Pipes to Burst During the Hot Weather?

Can Pipes Burst in Warm Weather
Can Pipes Burst in Warm Weather
  • Higher Demand for Water: During summer you will increase your water intake. You will also want to spend the day swimming. Your plants and lawn will also demand more water to stay green. You will be using more water than the other seasons. All these mean the pipes will have to do more than they are accustomed to. That pressure of use will more likely leave a leak or two. 
  • The Heat: There is hardly any rain during summer, which means the soil is left loose and dry. This allows room for water pipes to shift. As this happens, there are high odds for the pipes to burst. In fact, the surging summer heat is the main reason why a lot of water pipes burst at this time of the year. 
  • Clogging: It is not only during summer; pipes clog all the time. It may be due to age or negligence. When they clog, pipes will burst. Ensure that you get a professional inspection of your plumbing regularly. It saves you the frustration of going without water and having to incur costly repairs. 

Does Insurance Cover Bursting Water Pipes?

In most cases, bursting pipes are covered by homeowner’s insurance. However, the problem has to be sudden and not something that has been getting worse with time. It is advisable to talk to your insurer about water damage. Not all problems will be covered and you may be left with an empty pocket trying to fix the leaks. 

In Conclusion

Can pipes burst in warm weather? Yes, they can, especially if they are aging and you do not take good care of them. The heat and increased demand for water are two major reasons for the bursting pipes. You can stop this by checking your pipes regularly. Also, confirm with your insurance if bursting water pipes are covered in the policy. Make an appointment when your plumber to get your pipes looked over before the weather warms up.

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