Are you seeing sewage coming out of pipe in yard? You absolutely wouldn’t want to. That’s a symptom of a bigger pipe problem lying underneath your property which can mean disaster for your home and endless problems/strain to your budget.

Sewage Coming Out of Pipe in Yard
Sewage Coming Out of Pipe in Yard

Sewage Coming Out of Pipe in Yard

What causes pipe leaks and broken sewer pipes? To name a few, here are factors that cause plumbing problems in old houses: 

  • High water pressure – Water zipping through pipes at high speed increases the risk of pipes bursting.
  • Shifts in foundation – As foundations settle over time, this makes pipes adjust and causes rupture and disconnection.
  • Tree roots – Tiny cracks in pipes releases water which attracts roots to burrow into the pipes.
  • Temperature changes – Can pipes burst in warm weather? Yes, extreme shift in temperature – especially from cold to hot weather can cause cracks and later on, leaks.
  • Corrosion – Galvanized steel, cast iron, or copper pipes are more susceptible to rust.

The lifespan of cast-iron pipes is from 25 to 35 years. If your sewer pipes are beyond 25 years, that could fail soon –which is obviously also one of the major plumbing problems in old houses. Before you experience complete sewer line failure, your drainage may already have been damaged by cracks, root intrusion, etc. So don’t wait for your piping to completely fail. Here are signs to look out for when you have broken sewer pipes:

Sewage Blockages & Backups

This typically occurs in the lowest open drain and is one of the most common plumbing problems in old houses. Sewage backup is due to a blockage at some point in the pipe lines. If you experience this problem even after you’ve had the pipes cleaned, it’s highly likely there’s an underlying problem: misaligned connections, soil getting into cracks, or root intrusion.

Unpleasant Smell

You should never smell sewer gas odor as they should be airtight everywhere (except for the vent stacks on your roof). Otherwise, it’s a sign there’s a crack in your pipes.


Other than odor, mold growth tells there’s a crack in the sewer lines behind the walls. A sewer pipe crack can cause the humidity level to rise to a point that is suitable for molds to thrive. If you find any traces of mold, it’s important to know how to remove it from your pipes.

Lush & Extra Green Patches of Grass

This is one of the ways to determine a leak in the sewer pipe in the yard. It could mean there’s a sewer pipe leakage underground. Since sewage serves as fertilizer, the vegetation around it gets extra nutrients which make the grass look greener and lusher.

Lawn or Under-Paver Indentation

A crack in the sewer main line, which consistently saturates the ground, can make the soil dissipate. This will make your lawn dip where the line runs.

Sewage Water Pooling in the Yard

This issue may be caused by clogged drains, broken septic tank, or main line cracks. The problem area is typically located right under the pool of sewer water.

Foundation settlement, cracks, and sinkholes as well as insect and rodent infestation are also tell-tale signs of a broken sewer pipe.

Why is Sewage Coming Up in Yard?

Water pressure issues caused by leak/s in sewer line/s can force plumbing fixtures to clog more often. Water and solid wastes in your sewer line/s are full of unsafe bacteria which harm your lawns and seep into the soil. 

Who is Responsible for Blocked Sewage Pipes?

Before, lateral drains and sewers linked to public networks were typically the property owner’s responsibility. But now local water companies maintain most of these. Call your local water company if your lateral drain/sewer is blocked or has any problem. 

How Often Should Sewer Lines Be Cleaned?

Knowing how often you should get your plumbing inspected is important. The frequency of cleaning your sewer lines is also a good question. You should have it cleaned every 18 to 22 months as a preventive measure. But if the issues you’re having are getting more frequent than that, a video pipe-inspection by a professional plumber is a must.

Bottom Line 

Don’t wait until you see sewage coming out of pipe in yard. Sewer pipe repair will cost you an arm and a leg! A licensed and professional plumber can help you determine a leak in sewer pipe in the yard, and the earlier the better. Having your piping regularly checked for service can stop smaller symptoms before they become a big headache.

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